​9/2/17 .       Walk/Run

Signup continues for anyone who wants to join in walking to different green spaces.

Walking with others to distant sites and through challenging areas in parks can be fun and useful for practicing for long distance running and walking events. The activity is also helpful for maintaining health.

Participants are placed with groups that match their level.

Call 917-942-9591 if attending or to ask questions.

9/3/17          Partnership Plan

Support for athletes, artists, and academics

In the effort to support athletes, artists, and academics by using productive innovative strategies, we are creating a list for participants and their families to receive support from a partner to ease their challenges. It is good to interact with someone who understands your life.

Assistance could include injured athletes meeting with a partner for medical visits or to meet at other required sites, students sharing their duties, partners or families taking turns attending special celebratory events, and other such support. You can receive assistance from program leaders until a suitable partner is found.

If interested in giving or getting such support then answer the following questions by email.

--- What is your name, phone, and email contact information? In what county and city do you reside?

--- What is your interest in the partnership plan?