Call to visit and for any change in schedule at 917-942-9591


-- VR: On special occasions VR families will be assisted with promoting their services and products to visitors.


--MUSIC: Trumpet tutoring and audition preparation training are offered to both VR and VROS members.

-- FLIGHT: Current flight students and individuals who are interested in flying could be assisted in using basic                    computer flying simulation.

-- ART: Individuals of school age could receive assistance in using computer tablets for art.​

-- ART: Scrap pieces of wood are available for free and for sale to use in art and for other projects. Some wooden products will    be sold as well.

​-- SPORTS/ACTIVITY: Sign up now for walks to green spaces by contacting us by

   phone or email. 

-- Support for athlete, artists, and academics:  See the Sports section, that mentions that the participants can work with a 

   partner in conducting daily life activities as a support system.